Thank you for your interest in the Clinton Hill CSA. If you were a member in 2018, you will receive a notice soon to sign up for the 2019 season. If you were not a member, sign up below to join our waitlist!

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The season will run 22 weeks, beginning Thursday, June 6, and ending Thursday, October 31. During the season, you’ll pick up your share every Thursday evening between 5 - 7:30pm at PS 56 in Clinton Hill (170 Gates Ave-with CSA entrance on Downing Street). Members with half shares will follow a bi-weekly pickup schedule. This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by the NYC Department of Education or the City of New York.



Vegetable Share: 22 (or 11 for half share) weeks of organically grown vegetables from Windflower Farm.

What To Expect From Your Vegetable Share

  • 22 Weeks of fresh, seasonal, organically grown produce from Windflower Farm, from June into November

  • 8-15 different vegetables every week for less money than what you would spend at the grocery store

  • The satisfaction of helping to sustain local agriculture in upstate New York

  • Weekly newsletters on produce preservation, preparation, storage, and recipes

  • A greater sense of community


Work Shifts

All Member Households are required to work four hours per season or two hours if you are a member with a half share. This can be done by helping out during pick-up hours on site or helping with occasional other projects.


  • Apple Plan: If your total annual household income is over $65,000/year or you are a single adult making over $40,000/year

  • Beet Plan: If your total annual household income is under $65,000/year or you are a single adult making less than $40,000/year

  • Carrot Plan: Any household receiving SNAP/EBT Benefits can apply for Plan C. 

Like many other CSAs in New York City, CHCSA now offers two styles of shares, Full Shares and Half Shares. Full Shares will work as they always have, with 22 weeks of pick-ups, and Half Shares will operate on an every-other-week schedule, giving those members 11 weeks of pick-ups. Members who choose a Half Share will be assigned either to YELLOW WEEK or GREEN WEEK and will pick up their full share of vegetables on their assigned week.

  • Apple Plan Full Share: $588 / Apple Plan Half Share: $294 

  • Beet Plan Full Share: $374 / Beet Plan Half Share: $187

  • Carrot Plan Full Share: $174 (Clinton Hill CSA subsidizes the remaining $200.00 of the cost) / Carrot Plan Half Share: $87 (Clinton Hill CSA subsidizes the remaining $100.00 of the cost). Contact our treasurer for more information (


In addition to the basic Vegetable Share, there are other shares to enjoy! 

Fruit Share 

  • 20 weeks of fruit produced with minimal inputs (but not organic) by local farmers.

  • Full Share: $158 ($7.90/week) / Half Share: $79 (every other week, 10 weeks total)

Flower Share

  • 10 weeks of fresh cut flowers grown organically at Windflower Farm.

  • Full Share: $140 ($14.00/week) / Half Share: $70 (every other week, 5 weeks total)

Egg Share

  • 22 weeks of brown eggs from pastured chickens grown by neighbors of Windflower Farm. A half share of eggs is every other week (11 weeks total). All egg shares are $6.00/dozen/week.

  • 1/2 Dozen Full Share: $66 / Half share: $33

  • 1 Dozen Full Share: $132/ Half share: $66

  • 2 Dozen Full Share: $264 / Half share: $132

Lewis Waite Farm Share 

  • Meat, Poultry, Cheese, Milk, Bread, Honey, Jams, Granola, Juice, Flour, Beans, Grains, and other great food products available for delivery to our pick-up site twice a month through LWF's convenient on-line ordering system.

  • Products from over 20 farms available in one place!

  • Ordering is a la carte, order only what you want!