For 2018, Volunteer Sign Ups are run through Volunteer Spot. Sign up HERE for your hours. 

As a member of the CHCSA, your household is required to pitch in with a total of 4 hours of volunteer work during the season, or 2 hours for members with half shares. This isn’t just a part of your membership agreement, though; it's also a great way to connect with our community. Volunteering on Thursday nights gives everyone a chance to say hello and put faces to names in our organization.

In addition to volunteers on Pick-up Nights (Thursdays) we’re hoping to find a member who’s game to use their volunteer hours to help some other interesting projects this year, such as:

  • Photograph CSA events and what’s in each week’s share (multiple members)

  • Archive past issues of the Beet (you’ll need a scanner)

  • Coordinate this year’s trip to Windflower Farm

  • Help to organize or help out during parties (Potluck, Halloween, End of Year)

  • Help to organize and/or collect compost

The CSA fills up fast, and returning members who have fulfilled their volunteer commitment get priority over members who didn’t bother to do their share when the sign ups for next year begin!