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The Shares: 

1 sourdough, $5/week (recommended for one bread eater)
1⁄2 miche and 1 baguette, $12.50/week (recommended for multiple bread eaters) 

About the Bread: 

Almost all the She Wolf breads contain some portion of natural leaven. Every day, a portion of the levain is reserved and used to build the levain for the next day's breads. Natural leavens and the long fermentation times they require result in an almost entirely different product than breads raised with commercial yeast. The yeast and bacteria have time to essentially predigest the flour, making available a variety of B vitamins and minerals that are otherwise not easily available to digest. The acidity of the final bread also contributes to it’s keeping quality. 


This bread uses both natural levain and a small amount of commercial yeast. There is as a significant percentage of Farmer Ground's "Half­White" bread flour. With this high extraction flour the bran is removed during the milling process, but the flavorful and nutritious germ of the wheat is retained. This gives the interior a slight brownish­gray color compared to a conventional baguette. Ingredients: Organic white flour, Farmer Ground Half­White organic flour, natural leaven, kosher salt, yeast. 


Only Farmer Ground Half­white and whole wheat flours are used to make this traditional French bread. It is raised by a stiff levain rather than the liquid levain used in the other sourdough breads. The large size of the loaves contribute to their keeping quality but necessitate a long bake which results in a dark crust. Ingredients: Farmer Ground Half­White organic flour, water, Farmer Ground whole wheat flour, Farmer Ground whole rye flour, natural leaven, kosher salt. 


This is an entirely naturally leavened bread, with no commercial yeast. It has a pliant, slightly sour crumb and a crispy crust. Ingredients: Organic white flour, water, Farmer Ground organic whole spelt flour, natural leaven, kosher salt. 


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