THE BEET: Volume 13, Issue 22


In today's BEET:

  1. Thanks for a great season!
  2. This week's share
  3. Letter from Ted
  4. Lewis Waite Farm- Thanksgiving Products!
  5. Recipes
  6. Survey results

CSA Pickup Today 5-7:30pm

PS 56 at Gates and Downing (enter on Downing)

Dear CHCSA members,
Thanks to everyone for a great season!  We hoped you enjoyed your experience as much as we did.  Supporting a small sustainable, organic farm in this ever expanding factory farm monsanto world is important.  Where you buy your food, and who you support in the production of your food does make a difference.  And it feels good to take that responsibility- both mentally, and physically!  Your body was thanking you all season for feeding it the best produce possible. And we; The Core, Ted and Jan, thank you too!
If you didn't fulfill your volunteer hours yet, and you would still like to in order to be eligible for next season, please contact our volunteer coordinator at to set something up.
We will be in touch with all of you regarding  the 2015 season.
See you at pickup!
CHCSA core



  • Broccoli or Happy Rich
  • Arugula
  • Swiss Chard
  • Tatsoi
  • Lettuces
  • Kale (Dinosaur or Red Russian)
  • Carrots
  • Yeollow Potatoes
  • Butternut Squash
  • and a few other odds and ends :)


The leading edge of the Polar Vortex came sweeping down late this morning, just as we were harvesting your tatsoi and Happy Rich on the low hill at MaryJane’s farm. Temperatures went from unseasonably balmy to blustery and cold, and the sky darkened and became rainy, chasing us from the fields. But just as quickly the sun returned and the wind died down, giving us a chance to finish the harvest. I think that our summer season is ending just in time; frigid temperatures will descend on the farm overnight tonight, and are expected to stay with us for the next couple of weeks, bringing the field season to a close.  I hope your enjoy your last share of the season. We had a small mid-day celebration here today, pleased to have completed the season, and excited to be moving on to other things for the winter. Thank you for being with us. We hope you enjoyed the CSA season.

Best wishes for a happy and peaceful winter,

Ted & Jan


Lewis Waite Farm is offering things for Thanksgiving!  Everything from Turkeys,  to local cranberry sauce to Icelandic Lambs, and Herritage Chickens.  Pick up at the Winter Share site, on November 22.


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  It embodies everything that is important: sharing a meal (and if your like me, many many drinks) with your close friends and family.  There's not the burden of getting presents, or a religious overtone- it's just a good meal and good company.  All are welcome.   Not sure what to make for Thanksgiving?  Here is a collection of links to a bunch of options, and personal favorites.  Enjoy!

For the Hostess:

As a vegetarian, I have personally never cooked a turkey, so I wouldn't presume to recommend a recipe for Turkey.  But here are some alternatives that I have made over the years in lieu of the bird.

 Smothered Seitan Medallions in mixed mushroom Gravy

Three Sisters Casserole

A Host of Sides:  These are great additions to any Thanksgiving, either if your hosting or if you're traveling and don't want to come to the door empty handed.

Green Beans with Crispy Shallots

Sauerkraut with Apples

Sweet Potato and Leek Gratin

Kale with panfried walnuts

Cranberry Chutney

I have made a lot of different styles of Cranberries over the years, and this recipe is by far the best I have ever had.  It makes A LOT, so you may want to cut it in half.

Sweet and Savory Spiced Nuts

Sweet Tooth:
Apple Green-Chili Pie with Cheddar Crust

Browned Butter and Bourbon Blondies

Pumpkin Pie (vegan)

This pie is a winner.  I have made it every year for the past 8 years, and it always gets housed.  If you're using your actual pumpkin- bake it the day before you make the pie, to prepare the filling, and use 1/2 cup less soy milk, as fresh pumpkin has more water in it than canned.


Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey!  We really appreciate your feedback.  Here's a quick summary in care you're interested:

Favorite veggies included beets, cucumbers, garlic scapes, chard and of course tomatoes and corn.  And members were very happy with the core attributes of the vegetable share: taste, appearance, and freshness.  Some members were a little concerned about the variety of vegetables over the course of the season, which is something to talk about with Ted this winter.  People either love or dislike kohlrabi, which is par for the course, since it is an "unusual" vegetable.  Tho, I have been seeing it pop up more and more in the media- cooking magazines and at restaurants.

Other concerns people brought up were: the possibility of doing Half-Shares, which is something that the Core is talking about for next season- but has not been decided.   Another being the price of the fruit share; which is complicate because all our fruit comes from a neighboring farm, which Ted buys, and then makes available to us.

And lastly, it seems that many of the members were very satisfied with the other shares that we offered: eggs, flowers, and all the add-ons from Lewis Waite.  A few people commented especially on the quality of the meats and cheeses they provide.

Thanks again to all who took the time to fill it out.  This really helps us (the Core) address and meet everyone's needs and to improve our CSA each year.

Happy Holidays to Everyone.  We look forward to seeing you all next season!