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Sign up below to be notified when registration begins for 2015 season.  Membership is granted on a first-come-first-served basis, with returning members having the earliest access. If you would like to be a NEW member of the Clinton Hill CSA in 2015, please sign up below.

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The season will last 22 weeks, beginning in June and lasting into November. The share pick up each week will be on Thursday evenings between 5 - 7:30pm at PS 56 in Clinton Hill.


  • Vegetable Share: 22 weeks of organically grown vegetables from Windflower Farm.

What To Expect From Your Vegetable Share

  • 22 Weeks of Fresh, seasonal, organically grown produce from Windflower Farm, from June into November
  • 8-15 different vegetables every week for less money than what you would spend at the grocery store
  • The satisfaction of helping to sustain local agriculture in upstate New York
  • Weekly newsletters on produce preservation, preparation, storage, and recipes
  • A greater sense of community


Volunteer Hours

All Member Households are required to volunteer 4 hours (total) per season. This can be done by helping out during pick-up hours on site or doing a number of other projects.


  • Vegetable Share Plan A: $548 ($24.91/week), If your total annual household income is over $35,000/year.
  • Vegetable Share Plan B: $348 ($15.82/week), If your total annual household income is under $35,000/year.
  • Vegetable Share Plan C: Payment through Food Stamps, SNAP Program. CHCSA has accepted food stamps since we first began in 2002. E-mail our Treasurer at for more information using food stamps.

*2014 Prices


In addition to the basic Vegetable Share, there are other shares to enjoy! Click the links below for more information:

  • Fruit Share
    • $144.00 ($7.20/week)
    • 20 weeks of fruit produced with minimal inputs (but not organic) by local farmers.
  • Flower Share
    • $124.00 ($12.40/week)
    • 10 weeks of fresh cut flowers grown organically at Windflower Farm.
  • Egg Share
    • 22 weeks of brown eggs from pastured chickens grown by neighbors of Windflower Farm, the Brownells.
    • 1 Dozen: $116.00 ($5.27/week), 2 Dozen: $230.00 ($10.45/week)
  • Lewis Waite Farm: Meat, Poultry, Cheese, Honey, Jams, Granola, Juice, Flour, Beans, Grains, and other great food products available for delivery to our pick-up site each month through Lewis Wait Farm's on-line ordering system; Products from over 20 farms available in one place!
  • Dairy Share: Dairy Share through Milk Not Jails available for summer 2014!

* All pricing information updated for 2014 season.