Pick up today: 5pm - 7:30pm at PS 56 on the corner of Gates and Downing

This Week's Share

Ted didn't send a letter this week, so it's a mystery pick-up tonight!

To give you an idea of what to expect, below is a snap from last week's distribution - it's the time of year for potatoes, greens, and pumpkins...

Thanks to CHCSA Outreach Coordinator, Chelsea Frosini, for the photo. 


Member Survey  

We're approaching the end of the season and we'd love your feedback on how it went! Did the sign up and payment process go smoothly? Which products did you enjoy the most and why? Are there areas for improvement? What would you like to see in your share next year?

To send your feedback, please complete our survey online. And if you have additional comments, feel free to email them to our Outreach Coordinator, Chelsea Frosini, at chelsea dot frosini at gmail dot com. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Halloween Party

At next week's distribution, on October 25, we'll be having a Halloween party! We need spooky snacks and drinks. If you'd like to help out, please email Sarah Chinn at sarahchinn67 at gmail dot com letting her know of your interest. 

Know your Vegetables!

We recently heard from a member who was perplexed by the long, green, flat beans we received a couple of weeks ago. (In case you're wondering, they were runner beans: a popular summer vegetable in countries like the UK, but lesser known in the United States.) 

We've all found vegetables in the share that look as if they ought to come with an owner's manual! But don't be afraid of the unfamiliar. Here are some suggestions for how to identify any mystery veggies that come your way:

  • Ask your fellow CSA members! Chances are, somebody else at pick-up will know what it is.

  • Use a vegetable identification book like this one.  

  • Google it! Try typing in a description of what you see in front of you, and you'd be surprised what you can find out... 

Winter Shares

The fall is upon us, the season is coming to an end, and weekly distribution will end soon. But don't despair: if you're sad the CSA is ending, signup for the winter share is coming soon! Watch this space!