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Of CSA Note!

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This Week's Share

  • Tomatoes
  • 'Genovese' Basil
  • Bicolor Sweet Corn
  • Green and Yellow Wax Beans
  • Red Radishes
  • Yellow Onions
  • Various Chiles
  • Cilantro
  • A braising mix consisting of Tokyo Bekana, Hon Tsai Tai and Vitamin Green
  • Your choice between Red Russian kale, koji and Joi choi,
  • Your choice between cabbage, eggplant and beets
  • Fruit: Peaches 

News from Windflower Farm

Today, Monday, we harvested, washed and packed for Tuesday’s deliveries. The weather is beautiful and now, in the mid-afternoon, while we have dry weather, we are weeding. Tomorrow, while Don and Naomi make deliveries, some of us will harvest in the morning, while others will transplant the last of our field greens, including lettuces, kales, Swiss chard and Asian greens. In the afternoon, once it begins to rain, we’ll clip and pack onions and seed winter greens in the greenhouse. On Wednesday, regardless of the weather, we’ll harvest, wash and pack for Thursday’s deliveries. On Thursday, while Don and Naomi make those deliveries, we’ll begin harvesting winter squashes, which we can do even though rain is expected. The delicata are already in, so we’ll move on to butternuts, acorns, buttercups, and pie pumpkins. On Friday, with wet weather still in the forecast, we’ll finish the winter squash harvest and then, if it’s not too muddy, we’ll dig potatoes. If it is too muddy, well, we’ll see. We always have a Plan B. Perhaps we’ll start pulling carrots for next week.

Have a great week, Ted