Pick up today: 5pm - 7:30pm at PS 56 on the corner of Gates and Downing

Of CSA Note!

  • We'd love to highlight members in our page! Maybe you have a local business or project and want to be interviewed for the Beet to let us know more about your life and work and interest in the CSA? We'd love it! Let us know at newsletter@clintonhillcsa.org!
  • Curious about how our CSA is run or interested in becoming more involved? The core group that steers the Clinton Hill CSA will be meeting on site TONIGHT, Thursday, July 20, at 6:15 PM. Stop by and say hello or stay and hear more about what we do! 
  • Please be aware that our (very beneficial!) arrangement with PS 56 covers only the cafeteria where we have distribution. Members should not enter other areas of the school, including the courtyard. We value our relationship with our hosts at PS 56 and hope that members will treat the people who work there, as well as the site itself, with respect.

This Week's Share

  • Sweet Corn
  • Arugula
  • Green Onions
  • Squashes and/or Cucumbers
  • Lettuces
  • Choice of two: Kale, Swiss Chard, Bok Choy, Collards
  • Tomatoes (maybe!)
  • Basil (maybe!)
  • Fruit: Cherries

News from Windflower Farm

Please save the date for our open house on the farm. We invite you to join us and see where your vegetables come from! RSVP to tedblomgren@gmail.com. Camping on the farm is encouraged - all kinds of sites are available within an easy walk of the barns, running water, toilets and electricity. Kids and leashed pets are welcome.  Please bring a dish to pass for the Saturday evening potluck.  

Saturday, August 5th:

CSA members are welcome to arrive any time after noon. 

2:00 pm: First Windflower Farm tour with Ted (tractor and wagon ride)

3:30 pm: Snacks

4:00 pm: Second Windflower Farm tour with Ted (tractor and wagon ride)

5:00 pm: Cocktail hour (byo)

6:00 pm: Potluck. Please bring a dish to share! 

Afterwards, bonfire and live music

Sunday, August 6th:

8-10:00 am: Breakfast provided by the farm staff

11:00 am: Davis Family Farm tour: learn about raising pastured chickens for eggs

Noon: depart for other local sites.

Visit other local attractions, such as the:

Southern Vermont Art and Craft Festival: http://craftproducers.com

Washington County Antique Fair and Flea Market: http://www.fairgroundshows.com/

Local wineries: http://upperhudsonvalleywinetrail.com/

Local breweries: http://hudsonvalleybounty.com/Brewery

Local cideries: http://www.saratogaapple.com/ 

Swimming holes, farmers’ markets, hikes (directions will be provided)

Saratoga Race Track: http://www.saratogaracetrack.com/

Please RSVP to tedblomgren@gmail.com with the number in your party. I hope you can make it.

Have a great week, Ted 

Lazy Summer Recipes

My apartment has officially turned into a summer sweatbox and usually, when it's this hot, I treat my stove and oven like they both have the plague. Avoiding anything that adds heat to my sweltering kitchen, I lean on summer salads with lots of ingredients. With this week's CSA share, I'll probably throw together a corn salad (staying far away from my kitchen while the corn is briefly cooking!)—corn, finely diced tomato, basil, and green onion from the CSA combined with feta, garlic, olive oil, and lemon and served over arugula or lettuce. I also love to make quick pickles, either raw with vinegar, sugar, and salt (and doctored up with whatever spices you like) as in this NYT recipe, or, if you're willing to sweat a little bit, my all-time favorite bread-and-butter pickles from Saveur