THE BEET: Volume 14, Issue 17

In This Week's BEET:

  1. Please Bring Bags
  2. New at Lewis Waite
  3. Fire Cider- trademark laws against common products
  4. Volunteer Slots are filling up/Halloween Potluck
  5. Cacao for the next 2 weeks

Pick up today: 5:00-7:30 at PS 56 on the corner of Gates and Downing


Call For Bags!

Once again, our bag supply is running low- extra bags around the office or the home?  Bring them in!  Bags of all materials are welcome.

There are a bunch of new products available from the collective farms at Lewis Waite.  If you haven't ordered from them recently, it's time to check back in.  With a little pre-planning, you can save yourself a trip to the grocery store, and fill up your cabinets while supporting local farms! 

  • Argyllshire Lamb has many of their cuts on special this week.
  • Cowbella dairy will soon be offering kiefer.
  • Hawthorne Valley farm is offering lacto-fermented hot sauce!  Yum!  Lacto-fermentation is the traditional way (as in sauerkraut) using only water and salt to ferment.
  • Pasture raised ducks from Laughing Stock Farm are ready, after fattening up all summer.
  • Thanksgiving turkey will be available soon for pre-ordering.  Splurge, and get your family a free-range, humanely raised organic turkey to give thanks this year.
  • Taking roots Apothecary will be offering fire cider and other herbs to help with cold/flu season.

Side Note regarding fire cider: 

Fire cider is a common name for an herbal vinegar tonic that helps one fight the cold/flu and general sickness during the colder months.  It is a general recipe that has been passed along from people for the past 30 years.  Recently, an herbalist friend of mine told me that there is a legal battle going on- because one company, Shire City Herbals, has decided to trademark both the name- "Fire Cider" and the common recipe.  Personally, I don't think it's appropriate that one company should own the rights to a common product, and it's name, the implications of this law seem quite ominous for other common goods- to learn more about the legal battle of small time herbalists vs. trademarking laws click here.  OR to make your own fire cider; click here!

Courtesy of Mountain Rose blog

Courtesy of Mountain Rose blog

Call For Volunteers: Help Us Throw The Halloween Potluck! 

Seeking parents, gals, ghouls, and anyone interested in helping us to decorate and entertain our littlest CSA members on Thursday October 29th. The Halloween Potluck is a special event for the CHCSA membership, and volunteers are needed for the early shift to help put up decorations, set up food, and run face paint and small games for kids. Costumes welcome, but not required! Please contact roxanne.earley@gmail.comfor more information

Don't forget: Cacao on site the next 2 weeks!

Fresh Cacao direct from a partner farm in Costa Rica will be for sale on site during distribution.  

Cash only: $12 per 1/2 pound