THE BEET: Volume 14, Issue 10


In This Week's Beet:

  1. Farm Weekend!
  2. Reminders:  All Payments Due, We Need More Plastic Bags & Sign up to Volunteer
  3. Raw Cacao Beans are coming to our CSA!
  4. Recipes 

Pick Up Today: 5:00 to 7:30pm at PS 56 on the Corner of Gates and Downing



August 29th and 30th

Come get to know our farm!  Windflower farm will be having it's annual open house weekend the last weekend in August, Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning.  On Saturday Ted gives tours of the farm, and you are welcome to visit the neighboring farms- as well as a local winery/brewery.  Saturday night is a big pot luck dinner- where Jan and Ted go all out and everyone who comes is encouraged to bring a dish to share.  There are a few local vendors that come selling farm goods like Honey, cheeses, mead, wine, local beer, and baked goods.  That night everyone who comes is welcome to camp (please bring your own tent and gear) on his beautiful property.  There is a bonfire, and if you play an instrument- you are encouraged to bring it!  Kids and Pets welcome!  Sunday morning is farm brunch, cooked by Ted and Jan.  Ted's farm is beautiful, and I would highly recommend participating this weekend.  Ted and Jan are gracious hosts, and let's face it- getting out of the city in the heat of August- for the cool upstate air is always a welcome treat.

Ted supplies vegetables to 5 other NYC CSA's, so you will get to meet people from other neighborhoods who share your passion for healthy food.  If you are looking to carpool- please post about it on our CSA forum.  Each year members are able to coordinate with one another to get up there.  The drive to Windflower farm is about 3 and a half to 4 hours depending on traffic.


If you still owe a payment, please mail in a check immediately.  If you have questions, or need a payment plan - please write to


Once again we are running low- if you have any extra plastic bags- you know what to do with them!


The success of our CSA depends absolutely on the participation of our members. If you are able to volunteer tomorrow night, please email our volunteer coordinator, Grace, right away to say so, and sign up online via Volunteer Spot. 

All Full Share households are required to give 4 hours of their time each season. All Half Share households are required to give 2 hours of their time each season! 

If you have not signed up for your volunteer hours for this season, please sign up right away to do so on Volunteer Spot. If your household does not complete your required 4 hours of volunteering, you will not be eligible for early registration next season. Our wait list is over 150 families, and you will likely not get a spot next year. So please, honor your commitment to our CSA and find the time to fulfill those volunteer hours. We can't do it without you!


And to those of you who have already volunteered: You rock! Thanks so much! 


CHCSA  is pleased to announce that early in September it will be offering some "Local" grown cacao beans for sale on site during pick up.  One of our core members is part of a permaculture farm collective in Costa Rica, and is going to be bringing some beans directly from the farm to our CSA!   These beans were picked and dried by hand, in organic soil in the south of Costa Rica.

People have been enjoying the benefits of this superfood for thousands of years; This delicious superfood has a long rich history with people in South and Central America.  It was used as a food, medicine and a currency!  

Raw Cacao beans are rich in antioxidants, and have many health benefits; such as lowering your risk of cancer and heart disease.  The beans may be eaten "raw" which is what they are called in their dried form, chopped up and added to baked goods as "nibs" or they can be ground up to make coco powder, and then chocolate.  :)

Half Pound bags will be for sale for $12

We hope you are looking forward to it!  Stay tuned for more information.