THE BEET: Volume 14, Winter Letter 2

Hello from Windflower Farm and Happy Winter!

Pick Up at: 35 Irving Place

2:30-4pm Please be on time.

What’s in your share? The unusually warm weather has been wonderful for getting work done this fall and for producing a healthy crop of greens. You’ll be getting Red Russian kale, Dinosaur kale and Koji. They can all be eaten as fresh salad greens or they can be braised or added to soups. A day doesn’t go by here when we don’t eat these nutritious greens in one way or another. I’ve posted a few photographs of today’s harvest to our Instagram account (@Windflowerfarm). You’ll be getting the following from our root cellars: a net bag of sweet potatoes, a butternut squash or two, a net bag of red and yellow “Irish” potatoes, a plastic bagful of carrots and beets, some leeks, a net bag of yellow onions, a paper bag with yellow shallots and red Cipollini onions, and a plastic bag containing assorted small fennel bulbs, a kohlrabi or two and a handful of salad turnips. These last items are excellent for adding to a pan of roasted vegetables. Turnips, in particular, are an easy thing to have too many of. One of the best ways to use them up is in the making of soup stock. You’ll also be getting a bag with Empire and McIntosh apples from the Borden Farm (the Empires are the darker variety) and a jar of jam made by our own Sara and Victoria.  

Your vegetables and fruit will arrive in a one-bushel box that you are welcome to take home with you. If you are able to recycle them, please do so, alternatively, we’d be happy to take them back at some point during the winter.  

Your optional items, including eggs through our farm’s partners, frozen shares from Winter Sun and/or pre-ordered items from Lewis Waite Farm, will be available at the same time (with the exception of Lewis-Waite items in Washington Hts., for which there is a separate delivery time and place). 

Your next winter delivery will take place on January 9th. Our best wishes for the Holiday Season.

Warm regards, Ted and Jan

 Windflower Farm this Fall

Windflower Farm this Fall