THE BEET: Volume 14, Winter Letter 1

Hello Winter Share members,

Hope all of you are looking forward to your First Pick up which is this Saturday: November 21.

Pick up Location:  Clinton Hill (35 Irving Place, 2:30 to 4:00)

A note from Ted and Jan:


Hello from the entire Windflower Farm staff! Thank you for joining us for the winter season. We hope you enjoy your CSA shares.

If you are getting this note it is because you have signed up to receive four monthly winter boxes from Windflower Farm, the first of which is scheduled to arrive in your neighborhood this coming Saturday, November 21st. 

If you have not mailed in your payment, please do so soon or contact us to cancel. An alternative is to use PayPal or Google Wallet and send your payment to It is our policy to send a box to everyone who has signed up, even if we have not yet received their payment, with the understanding (and hope) that anyone who has decided to cancel will do so before we pack their first box on Friday. 

We have no waiting list this year. If you have signed up for a winter share, even if you signed up after the deadline, you will be getting a share unless you cancel. 

Pickup times and locations are noted below. Please do your best to arrive within the scheduled time slot. Pickup locations are staffed by volunteers who likely have other commitments for the remainder of their Saturday. If you cannot make it to the site on time, please try to have someone else make the pickup. We at the farm can do very little to help facilitate late pickups.

Your vegetables and fruit will arrive in a one-bushel box that you are welcome to take home with you. If you are able to recycle them, please do so, alternatively, we’d be happy to take them back at some point.  

What’s in your share? Our root cellar is full and the fall has been wonderful for greens production, so your first box will be a full one! It will include a bagful of cooking greens from the field (including Dinosaur and Red Russian kale and Koji, which is a tender Asian green like tatsoi), a bagful of salad greens from the high tunnel (including mixed lettuces, arugula, radicchio and perhaps an adolescent mustard mix), and the herbs, sage and thyme. It will also include the following from our cellar: sweet potatoes, butternut squash, red and yellow “Irish” potatoes, carrots, beets, Hakurei turnips, Watermelon radishes, fennel and various onions. And it will include Honey Crisp apples and apple cider from our friends at the Borden Farm. Bon appetite!

Your optional items, including eggs through our farm, frozen shares from Winter Sun and/or pre-ordered items from the Lewis Waite Farm, will be available at the same time (with the exception of Lewis-Waite items in Washington Hts.). 

Your next winter delivery will take place On December 19th. 

Our best wishes for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Warm regards, Ted and Jan

 This week's Arugula

This week's Arugula

 The Arugula just before harvest.

The Arugula just before harvest.

 Packing everything up for distribution.

Packing everything up for distribution.